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 Tape Libraries 
Quantum Tape Library.png

We provide many varieties of data storage, include hybrid deployments that utilize multiple arrays, lakes, targets, and media.  At Reliable IT Systems Company, we believe every client is unique and deserves their own solution.  Call us today to discuss your current and anticipated storage footprint, and what your goals are.  We can advise you and help to craft a resilient solution meets your performance, scalability, availability, and budgetary needs.  vide

SAN and NAS arrays
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We provide expert consultation, service, and the best value products for most every data storage need.  Our range of products includes SSD arrays, near line, hybrid, and NVMe options for high performance.  

Our featured brands include Pac Storage, Quantum, and Seagate.


Our arrays are flexible and include high end enterprise features, redundancy, and performance.  We can size your array for any need - simple data storage, scale out capacity, high performance.  Please call us today and let us earn your business for your data storage needs. 

Tape Storage and Libraries
Quantum Tape Library.png
Overland NEO-T24-front.jpg

Tape storage remains the most cost effective media for long term backup and archival.  For organizations with important and large data sets, tape can be an integral part of handling, managing, and archiving important data. 


With today's ransomware threats, tape can play a vital role to guard against data loss.  Today's sophisticated tape libraries have built in protections including drive locking and auto ejection of magazine cartridges, which prevents infection by malware. 


We are mostly still providing LTO 7 due to backwards compatibility, and we also provide the latest LTO 9 drives and media.  Please call today to discuss your storage and archival needs. We will be glad to earn your business.  


We utilize several different clouds, products, techniques, and tactics with cloud storage.  Your organization's data is important, and we strive to provide the best availability plan to meet your unique needs.  We employ AWS and Azure, Microsoft 365 with Sharepoint and OneDrive, Google Docs, Apple iCloud, private clouds, and co-location centers to give your organization the cloud that you need.  

We specialize in hybrid deployments such as arrays that replicate to secure cloud instances, or utilization of multiple back-end vendors to provide a seamless and simplified front-end for you and your team.

Call us today and let us help you to best utilize cloud storage for your organization.

Cloud Storage
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