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Endpoint Security

Security is extremely important in today's age of state sponsored cyberattacks and ransomware.  We have seen businesses become crippled by breaches and crypto viruses.  

We advocate the best, strongest and most usable security products on the market today to protect your business.  Let us help you to keep your business devices, data, and apps safe. 

A few of our featured security vendors are Sophos, Ironscales, and White Cloud Security.

We rely on the Sophos line of Endpoint security and firewall systems.  They work hand in hand together and protect servers as well as desktops, laptops, and mobile.  Sophos is consistently rated among the top endpoint protection software, and is proven to stop most ransomware.

We provide the Ironscales protection suite for Office 365 email and tenant protection.  This catches most phishing probes into your organization before they make their way to end users.

We use Trust Lockdown by White Cloud Security as a robust tool to provide complete control of what runs on our Windows systems.  With Trust Lockdown, the only thing that runs is what you have approved in advance... even if malware can find its way onto your device, Trust Lockdown will not allow it to run or execute, which renders it harmless.  Its an easy to use cloud based application "whitelisting" software that only allows approved software to run.  Even an "infected machine" will be safe with Trust Lockdown, because the malware cannot execute.  Its unique in security products on the market today, and we will be glad to set up a demo or trial for your to look at it. 

Today's threat environment has changed, and we want to help keep your organization safe.

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