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Network Security

Network security is essential to today's business organizations.  Defending assets and controlling network traffic is critical in order to keep your data safe and your business running. We advocate a multi-layered approach to security, not relying solely on any one approach, product, or setting.  We advocate protecting at the perimeter, inside the network, then at the endpoints with prudent policies and sophisticated tools.

We provide an excellent range of firewalls and network security software.  Our firewall of choice is the Sophos XGS family of products.  We work with and supply other firewalls, but our experience is that they are the best at protecting your network.

We also provide software that works with firewalls and shuts down network access from rogue machines, which prohibits spread of malware.  

We can conduct a network security audit of your organization to identify areas of risk and give you an action plan to remediate areas of vulnerability.  Call us today to discuss testing your network, and to see what we can do to help protect it. 



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