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IT Infrastructure

We provide complete IT infrastructure solutions to small and mid sized organizations, and we are a VAR for specific solutions to large organizations.  

Whether you need a specific server or switch, or if you need to build out an entire network closet or data center, we can help to advise you and to provide everything that you need at the most reasonable prices.  We have helped many organizations architect, install, and deploy their IT infrastructure. 

Some of our IT infrastructure products include: 

  • Data Storage arrays and devices

  • Servers, hosts, server farms

  • Virtualization software and services

  • Hyperconverged server and storage systems

  • Microsoft Software Licensing

  • Network Switches, Hubs, Routers, Firewalls

  • Racks, Enclosures, Cabling, cable management

  • WiFi Routers, APs, and wireless Mesh systems

  • Power protection and cooling

Computer Racks.jpg

Let us help you to plan your current and future IT Infrastructure.  Our clients typically save 25%-50% compared to working with other solution providers.  Call us today and let us help you!

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