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Private Cloud


Need cloud flexibility, but have requirements to use your own hardware?

Then a private cloud may be the best option for your organization.  

What is a private cloud? 

Essentially its a system of computing resources on dedicated hardware, typically housed at your company or a private data center.  

What are the benefits of a private cloud?  

Cloud computing offers on demand, flexible, scalable computing solutions.  Private clouds do this, but they keep all of the resources secure on your own private equipment, secure at your place of business or data center colocation.  With a public cloud you pay every month for all time; with a private cloud, you pay once for the systems and you own it.

What about redundancy and up time?

We can create private cloud systems that have nearly 100% uptime with redundant systems that are geographically dispersed, but still in your control, on your own hardware with your security.  

How much would all of this cost?

Of course it depends upon your scale and your requirements.  We will be glad to talk with you regarding your requirements, and come up with an architecture that best suits your needs. 

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