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Total Security = Peace of Mind

Most savvy users of technology are rightfully concerned about security issues, and the possibility of infecting their machine with ransomware if they accept attachments - even expected attachments from known people.

Just a couple of days ago, one of my nieces was sending me a Word document from a laptop that she hadn't used in a while, and she half kiddingly commented that she hoped that she wasn't going to infect my computer with some malware. It was a funny remark, and in many circumstances, a truly legitimate concern.

I however brushed off her caution with a completely confident answer: that nothing on her computer could infect my system.

Was I answering out of hubris or ignorance? Neither.

You see, I use Trust Lockdown software by White Cloud Security. It operates from a zero trust approach to any application (program, script, process, any and all executables). Nothing - and I mean nothing - can run unless i expressly grant it permission to do so. White Cloud has a unique approach to "application white listing", which only allows permitted applications to run / execute. Even if the Word document from my niece's suspect old laptop were infected with any imaginable script, Trojan, spyware, whatever - it simply would not be able to execute on my system thanks to Trust Lockdown.

Total endpoint security = Peace of Mind. I don't have to worry about endpoint infections on my machines that are protected by Trust Lockdown. If you would like to have this peace of mind about your business endpoint protection, then please let me know and I can set up a free trial for you of Trust Lockdown, and you can see for yourself why I have peace of mind about endpoint security.

Tom Finlay

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