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Uncertain about Digital Security? We can help.

Today is a risky time for digital security. Hackers have built ransomware into a billion dollar industry, preying on people like you and your business. And the bad guys aren't just targeting Fortune 500 firms - they are going after small to medium sized businesses, and smaller governmental agencies with sophisticated, complicated, and effective attacks from multiple vectors. The old anti-virus database of known malware doesn't work anymore - the bad guys are creating more than 50,000 variations of malware every DAY, using the latest AI technology to defeat digital security. With the global unrest and Russian military actions, it is expected that hackers are being unleashed as never before to lock up your data and apps, and to extract ransom from you to get them back.

So what can you do to keep safe?

We suggest a radical new tool and approach to endpoint security - don't just block known bad software... in fact, only allow your system to run software that you need for your business. Don't allow anything else to run that can harm your network or slow down your systems. How to do this?

We use a security software that is unique - White Cloud Security's Trust Lockdown. It is a "default deny" application whitelisting software that has an easy to use cloud interface. It knows the "fingerprints" of your trusted applications - not just the exe file name, but the characteristics of the files, the hashes, and the certificates - so it knows what you want to run. Any other software, including malware such as ransomware, cannot run. Its that simple.

For a no obligation demo and trial of Trust Lockdown, please contact us today.

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