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Data Storage - Shipping Now!

Enterprise Class Data Storage – Shipping in 2 weeks

In today’s time of supply chain crunch and microchip shortages, getting the new equipment that your organization needs can be frustrating, often with waits of 3-6 months.

Well, we have good news – our distributor has in stock systems that can be delivered in 2 weeks!

Enterprise class SAN with NAS option, giving you flexibility for all of your storage needs. These devices are dual controller, 99.999% uptime, high speed systems with easy to manage GUI and command line systems. Need a cloud interface? We’ve got you covered with an optional software that directly links your cloud account for easy, customized storage sync between your array and your cloud instance.

Pac Storage offers affordable performance with all flash drives, hybrid with high capacity near-line drives, or for the ultimate in performance we have NVMe drive arrays.

With connections of 10G up 40G or Fiber SFPs, these systems can take on any workload with ease. We offer complete optional setup, configuration, and ongoing support for up to 5 years.

Now here is the best part – the price on Pac Storage is often LESS THAN HALF of comparable storage arrays on the market today.

Enterprise class storage – ready to ship – terrific prices. What are you waiting for?

Contact us today to discuss your storage needs and for a free quote. (281) 985-9500

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